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Educational BoosterPack

The Educational BoosterPack is an add-on board for the MSP430 Value Line LaunchPad development kit. This BoosterPack will help new users familiar with the MSP430 LaunchPad by interacting with simple electronic components like LEDs (red/green/blue and white), analog potentiometer, microphone, and speaker. Users will also be able to create more exciting projects with the onboard analog accelerometer and 2x16 character LCD.

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Revision Changes

Revision A2

Initial production release of the Educational BoosterPack.

Revision A1

This is a pre-release version of the Educational BoosterPack. Silkscreen and location of white LED are the only differences between A1 and A2.


Followings are some specifications of the Educational BoosterPack:

Electrical Specifications

Compatibility MSP430 LaunchPad
Power 3.3V via expansion header
Display type 2x16 character LCD
Display interface Serial
Indicators Tri-color (RGB) LED and white LED
Sensor type Accelerometer
Sensor input interface Analog
Audio input type Electret condenser microphone
Audio input interface Analog
Audio output type Magnetic buzzer
Audio output interface GPIO
Potentiometer interface Analog


Mechanical Specifications

Size 2.0" x 2.2"
Layers 2
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes

Signal Usage

Educational BoosterPack Pin Usage

The Educational BoosterPack uses 12 signals including:

  • A0 (connected to XOUT of accelerometer)
  • A3 (connected to YOUT of accelerometer OR output of potentiometer)
  • A4 (connected to ZOUT of accelerometer OR output of microphone)
  • UCB0CLK (Connected to the character LCD display)
  • UCB0SOMI (Connected to the character LCD display)
  • P2.1 (Connected to the red channel of the RGB LED)
  • P2.2 (Connected to the green channel of the RGB LED)
  • P2.3 (Connected to the character LCD display "RS")
  • P2.4 (Connected to the blue channel of the RGB LED)
  • P2.5 (connected to the white LED)
  • P2.6 (connected to the buzzer)
  • P2.7 (connected to alligator clip connector "MK1")

Note: by default, the YOUT of accelerometer and output of potentiometer share the same analog input A3. Similarly, the ZOUT of accelerometer and output of microphone share the same analog input A4.

  • To use accelerometer signals, place shunt jumpers at J5.1-J5.2 and J6.1-J6.2
  • To use potentiometer, place shunt jumper at J5.2-J5.3
  • To use microphone, place shunt jumper at J6.2-J6.3


Please contact for availability.

Product Images


Hardware Files

Educational BoosterPack Revision A2

To download all files at once please click here

Educational BoosterPack Revision A1

  • This revision uses the same schematic and bill of materials as revision A2. Only silkscreen and location of white LED are different from A1 and A2.
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